Blessed is Pastor Elizabeth for the research and work of gathering together the words for our Sunday sermon and encouraging us to offer a blessing to someone out there in our daily lives, if God gives us a nudge to step up.

Blessed is my husband Scott Walker for his patience and unconditional love for Danny, Chris, Ally and Myself.

Blessings for poets who seek truth and help us in finding our own!

Bless the birds for their endless singing, the blooms for such beauty, and the silent spaces between things.

Blessings for those who bring out the best in us, be it friend or stranger.

Blessed be our animals who show us how to be better humans!

Blessed be my family who’s belief in me and motivates me to be my best self.

Blessings for our best friends who know us inside out and still love us!

Blessed are the hospital staff for they all help in some way to get us back home safely.

Blessed is my husband for the unwavering support and love he gives me… even when he isn’t quite sure that I’m headed on the right path.

Blessed is Tim for thinking more about blessing.

Blessed are doctors who heal our bodies. 
Blessed is nature which heals our souls.
Blessed are firefighters who save lives and property.
Blessed are volunteers who accomplish so much.
Blessed is MUMC – for they are your family; they are always there in your time of need.

Blessed is Bill Kaer for all his service to God and his church.

Blessed is Oregon Trails Walk to Emmaus for all they do to place people in ecumenical faith situations.

I want to bless all the dear friends we’ve made here at MUMC.


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