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Worship Sundays @ 10:30am
Adult Education Sundays @ 9:00am
Children and Youth Programs Sundays @ 10:30am

Our worship is the heartfelt expression of our common faith, questions, gifts and longings. Here children are comfortable being children and are celebrated as such. Here people share the moments in their weeks when they felt particularly blessed and offer up the struggles which they, their loved ones, and the world are facing. Here language is important and references to humanity and God respect the diversity of creation and experiences of all. Here silence is welcome and singing is vibrant. Here honesty is valued even when it means we do not always agree. Here God’s love and grace triumph over everything else. Here is a place where you will find support as you investigate your own spiritual journey. In our worship no one is asked to say, sing or proclaim any belief that they do not choose to claim for themselves.

Flowofworship2Although the congregation enjoys special events that alter our flow of worship, most Sundays begin with a statement of welcome and the ringing of our baptismal bowl. While the tone dissipates into silence we invite people to reflect on what hopes and goals brought them to this place and to quiet any distractions that they may be experiencing.

Afterwards, congregation members share moments of insight and blessing, we sing a song and introduce the theme of the service during our time with children.

Sharing God’s peace with each other comes next and, allowing parents who wish to excuse their children to attend our Sunday school, we then offer petitions for individuals and world situations that are in need of prayer.

An anthem from the choir precedes a reading of grace that may be a poem, a scripture from another religious tradition, or a quote related to the day’s theme. Following a reading from the bible a message is presented by one of our two pastors followed with another song.

The service concludes with an opportunity to pool resources for the support of the community and the various service projects with which we are engaged. Finally, after a blessing and song, we share thoughts and reflections over coffee and dessert in our fellowship hall.

Our Music Program

Under the direction of our Director of Music, Barton Rippe, we have a dedicated choir that offers a wide array of modern and classical chorale works. As both Barton and several of our singers have experience with the Portland Opera the quality of music is quite simply, phenomenal.

We are also blessed to be the church base for the Portland area rock band, The Knotty Pines. The band, which plays various venues and events around the city, serves the church once a month or so by leading our music as the Montavilla Praise Band.

Learn about our Youth Music Program HERE.

Our Pastor

Although much of worship involves a sharing of gifts and skills among congregation members and our music department, the message and design of worship is the task of our pastor.

Timothy is an ordained Presbyterian, but he has served within the Oregon-Idaho Annual Methodist conference for many years. Besides his Master of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary he holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Linfield College and works part time at Providence St. Vincent hospital on their behavioral health ward. He has authored several published hymns and frequently writes new songs for worship.